Inspired Fine Living Since 1989

About Us

One Lady, One Dream. The Middle East returned housewife, Dolly Mahapatra, turned a hobby into a career and her basement into a workshop. Thus began Anukul Designs in 1989. Spectacular designs were born and followed by extensive media coverage and letters of recommendation talking about Dolly’s commitment to time and quality.

A lot has changed since then. From a handful of tailors who went through a stringent training program to our in-house team of designers who draw their inspiration from around the world to create unique collections in exceptional quality.All our products are exclusive to our catalogs, website and retail outlets.

And now, we are honored to share with you our new flagship brand Arachne, which takes exclusivity to a new level with a wide range of home furnishing products.

And yes, we had to move out of the basement. We ran out of space to keep our stuff!