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Adding Texture with Color

Adding Texture with Color

While texture may be the basic frame of the garment, color is the very heart of it. Many a times, we tend to ignore either one of them. Yet, a good designer would always remember that color and texture go hand in hand for that winning streak towards the finish line!

Creating a work of art as far as fashion goes, is a matter of undertaking the following steps:
-          Regard your canvas: look at your canvas. What do you see? Is it silk, is it taffeta, or a simple cotton? Whatever be the case, you need to know that adding dimension is the key.
-          Choose the right color: choosing the right colors to add on will depend on the fabric and the main color palette. You need to decide how much you want to dress up your main fabric. Everything you do from there will be your own fashion story.
-          Make a statement: now, what is the look you are after? Is it something simple? Is it something dramatic? Or are you going in for something in between – something that will fit a multiplicity of wardrobe centric needs? Ask yourself all these questions before you start out.
-          Pairings: make good choices, yet do not shy away from trying out something new. This is something we have learnt the fun way, at the Arachne Style studio!
-          How much is too much: Using color and sticking to a theme is a good way of ensuring that you add just the right amount of texture with panels of fabric, lace, beads and other embellishments. This will help you stay focused on the exact look you want, without going overboard.

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Color and Texture


On that note, we would like to end with one piece of advice: have fun with color, yet know your boundaries! To know how we manage to do this effectively, visit us at our Etsy Store.