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Why The Scarf is a Favorite Accessory

Why The Scarf is a Favorite Accessory

The scarf is an all time favorite for many ladies around the globe. Feminine, graceful and versatile: this fashion accessory has long been in use. From the Queen of England to the teen queens of Hollywood, you will find a fashionable scarf or two doing the walk of fame anywhere you go.

The scarf is a preferred accessory for most women because of its versatile nature. Wrap it around your neck. Knot it in a funky style, or simple go retro with a scarf around your head during your next Euro trip: the simplicity of this accessory will transform your outfit and personality in equal measure.

At Arachne Style, we love combos. Which is why you will find a fashionable side kick for a scarf in the form of a tote. Our bags are already taking the virtual world by storm. Team them with a scarf and get a quick pick me up!

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