Color me…Royal?

Color me…Royal?

In India, color and Design go hand in hand. Rich textiles and vibrant patterns were almost always expressed with the help of color. This tradition carries on till date. The Royalty in India, whether from the Ancient times or the Mughal period, have always leaned on color. In fact, many of you may find it fascinating to know that color was often perceived as a source of entertainment, power, and more subtly: passion.

The art of using color can be seen in various nuances of Royal life in India. In days long gone, the Royal princesses would entertain themselves with a game of Parcheesi (played with two dice on a board much like Ludo). The princesses and their friends would be invited to show up wearing costumes of a particular color, to match the houses on the board. Elimination would take place accordingly, amidst much giggling and clapping as the winning color for the day would be announced.

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Queens of India playing Parcheesi

While Queens like Nur Jahan brought gold and brocade to the fashion and textile scene of those times, Rajput Princesses did their bit by hiding their pretty faces in stoles of vibrant colors. Yellows were the most favored as a color of purity and alliance. Reds were the ultimate expression of passion, while greens portrayed fertility and charm. Blues, pinks and oranges were used to create moods for festivities and celebration. In fact, in recent history, for the visit of the then Prince Wales, the Maharaja of Jaipur (Rajasthan), had the entire city painted pink – hence the title “Pink City”!

ArachneStyle Colors

Noor Jahan and her color choices

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